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Various Artists - Extremity Rising vol. 1

Track Listing
  1. Supremacy by MERCENARY
  2. Push It Back by MELTED
  3. Hope Springs Eternal by AUTUMN LEAVES
  4. Destructive Taste Of Grace by RING'S END
  5. Broken Circles by SACRIFICIAL
  6. Space Story by RAUNCHY
  7. Negativity vs Me by DRAIN
  8. My Own by UNDULANT
  9. Art, Dedication & Alcohol by BUTTFUCK
  10. Be by NOXIOUS
  11. Behind The Other Side by WITHERING SURFACE
  12. Arelie Fire by ZURCURSAL
  13. Angry Parts by ASSAIL
  14. Eternal Thoughts by SCORNFULL
  15. Change The System by CHRONIC CREMATION
Band Members
Additional Info
Year of release: 1996
Label: Serious Entertainment
Produced by: various
Format: CD