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Various Artists - Burning Love
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Track Listing
  1. Always On My Mind by Caroline Henderson
  2. Love Me Tender by Lars H.U.G.
  3. In The Ghetto by Cæcilie Nordby
  4. Burning Love by Nina Forsberg
  5. Crying In The Chapel by Hotel Hunger
  6. I´ll Remember You by Hanne Boel
  7. All Shook Up by Thomas Blachman Meets Al Agami
  8. Blue Christmas by Henning Stærk
  9. I Really Don´t Want To Know by Lis Sørensen
  10. That´s Alright by Nikolaj Christensen
  11. Edge Of Reality by The Sandmen
  12. Viva Las Vegas by Boxer, feat. Dicte & Thomas Blachman
  13. Fun In Apaculpo by Fielfraz
  14. Don´t Be Cruel by Marie Frank
  15. Marguerita by Sort Sol
  16. Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello by Kim Larsen
Band Members
Additional Info
Year Of Release: 1997
Label: BMG
Produced by: Cambony & Ernst Mikael Jørgensen
Format: CD-Album