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Various Artists - Dzynamite Records
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Promotional only release with some unreleased versions.
Track Listing
  1. Utopian Konnektion by NME WITHIN
  2. Wit's End by NME WITHIN
  3. Zing Haij by ILLWILL
  4. Cult by ILLWILL
  5. Naturel Born by GUTRIX
  6. The Mushroom Song by GUTRIX
  7. True Love by TIMELESS HALL
  8. When The River Calls by EVERGREY
  9. Paradise Of Pain by BEYOND - Demo version
  10. Rivers Of Love by FLOW - Demo version
  11. Back To The Wall by KEEGAN
  12. White Sister by SWEDISH EROTICA
  13. Time And Space by IN THE COLONNADES
  14. Trigger Happy by LISA GIVES HEAD
  15. Bough Breaks by ORIGINAL SIN - Demo version
  16. Promised Land by ORIGINAL SIN - Demo version
  17. Live For Ever by XPLODE - Demo version
Band Members
Additional Info
Year Of Release: 1996
Label: Dzynamite Records
Produced by: Various
Format: CD-Album