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Various Artits - Speed Metal Hell 2
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US compilation with a SAMHAIN track.
Track Listing
  1. Rapechase by AT WAR (usa)
  2. Loving Tribute / Burned Alive by MAYHEM (usa)
  3. Plaque Of Messiah by SAMHAIN (denmark)
  4. Neckbreaker by ANVIL BITCH (usa)
  5. Crown Of Thorns by SAVAGE THRUST (usa)
  6. Burried Alive by DEATHRASH (usa)
  7. Metal Slaugther by AGGRESSION (canada)
  8. Don't Get Mad...Get Evil by TEMPTER (usa)
  9. Hammerhead by FLOTSAM & JETSAM (usa)
  10. Day Of Attonement by WARGOD (usa)
  11. Cracks Under The Ice by OUTRAGE (canada)
  12. Ready To Die by POST MORTEM (usa)
Band Members
Hund - vocals,bass
Esben Slot Sørensen - guitar
Henk Leviathan - guitar
Max Due - drums
Additional Info
Year Of Release: 1986
Label: New Renaissance Records
Produced by: H.V. Monster (Samhain track)
Format: Vinyl Album