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Various Artists - Satan's Revenge
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US compilation with a track each from Danish rockers HEAVY CHAINZZ and ARTILLERY.
Track Listing
  1. Axehammer by AXEHAMMER (usa)
  2. Fight The Beast by CEREBUS (usa)
  3. Fighting With Satan by HEAVY CHAINZZ (denmark)
  4. Deeds Of Darkness by ARTILLERY (denmark)
  5. Halloween by DESECRATION (usa)
  6. Of Hell by NME (usa)
  7. Shadows Of The Night by SNAKEBITE (germany)
  8. Masters Of Frustration by HAMMERHEAD (usa)
  9. Night Of Outrage by MONOLITH (italy)
  10. The Beast by SAINTLY SINNER (usa)
  11. Death's Revenge by DESECRATION (usa)
Band Members
Ray G Andersen - vocals,guitar
Ivan Thomsen - bass
Finn Jespergaard - drums,backing vocals

Flemming Ronsdorf - vocals
Jørgen Sandau - guitar
Michael Stytzer - guitar
Morten Stytzer - bass
Carsten Nielsen - drums
Additional Info
Year Of Release: 1985
Label: New Renaissance Records
Produced by:
Ray G / Ivan Thompson / Søren (HEAVY CHAINZZ)
Freddie Wolf (ARTILLERY)
Format: Vinyl Album