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Various Artists - Thrash Metal Attack
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US compilation with a DES EXULT track.
Track Listing
  1. To The Grave by ANVIL BITCH (usa)
  2. Led To The Gallows by RABID (usa)
  3. Red Light by DEFCON (usa)
  4. Armies Of The Dead by POST MORTEM (usa)
  5. Young Burial by NECROPHAGIA (usa)
  6. Menacing Thunder by BLOOD FEAST (usa)
  7. The Future Holds The Past by NECROPOLIS (usa)
  8. Torment Of Death by AGGRESSION (canada)
  9. Torture Chamber by HELLWITCH (usa)
  10. Salvation by DES EXULT (denmark)
  11. Gore Flix by WEHRMACHT (usa)
  12. Preserved Corpses by WARGOD (usa)
Band Members
Hund - vocals,bass
Esben Slot Sørensen - guitar
Henk Leviathan - guitar
Max Due - drums
Additional Info
Year Of Release: 1986
Label: New Renaissance Records
Produced by: Tony Serdarusich
Format: Vinyl Album