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Various Artists - Swedish Metal Explosion
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Say what ?-Yep a Danish band on a Swedish Metal compilation. APART are featured on this jap. bootleg CD.
Track Listing
  1. Gypsy Queen by BLACKSMITH
  2. Let's Make Love by HARDROCK SALLINEN
  3. Down The Line by ZERO NINE
  4. Devil's Deal by STICH
  5. On The Road by SIX FEET UNDER
  6. She Needs by SILVER MOUNTAIN
  7. Prisoner Of War by 220 VOLT
  8. Silver Hawk by CRYSTAL PRIDE
  9. Northern Light by MADISON
  10. I'm Hurt by GLORY
  11. Harder Than Stone by IRON CROS
  12. Stratovarius by JONAS HANSSON
  13. Outlaw by APART
  14. Caress Of Steel by PARADIZE
  15. Starchild by TWILIGHT PROJECT
  16. Man Of No Present Existence by SILVER MOUNTAIN
Band Members
Additional Info
Year Of Release: 1996
Label: Bootleg
Produced by: Various
Format: CD-Album