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Various Artists - Foundations Forum '89
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2 CD promotion only featuring D:A:D and KING DIAMOND.
Track Listing
    CD 1
  1. Rim Of Hell by D:A:D
  2. Shot Gun Salley by CATS IN BOOTS
  3. Sexy Lil' Devil by TOY ROZ
  4. Pain by THE FRONT
  5. She's A Bitch by LORD TRACY
  6. Can't Stop The Earth From Shakin' by BRIGHTON ROCK
  7. Cold Hearted by DEFCON
  8. Tears Don't Put Out A Fire by ALIEN
  9. Hammer Swings Down by BABYLON A.D.
  10. Through Different Eyes by FATES WARNING
  11. Gutter Ballet by SAVATAGE
  12. With The Quickness by BAD BRAINS
  13. Screwed, Blued 'n' Tattooed by SLEEZE BEEZ
  14. Hard Love by JOY THUNDER
  15. Love Is The Reason by THE STAND
  16. Rich Bitch by POTENTIAL THREAT

    CD 2
  1. Falling To Pieces by FAITH NO MORE
  2. Shout It Out by SHOTGUN MESSIAH
  3. Save Yourself by MSG
  4. Sleepness Nights by KING DIAMOND
  5. Damn Cheetah by DAMN CHEETAH
  6. You Shook Me by LOUDNESS
  7. Master Of No Mercy by SUICIDAL TENDENCIES
  8. Wingss Of Steel by STAGE DOLLS
  9. Poison Ivy by FASTER PUSSYCAT
  10. Live Life by RUDE AWAKENING
  11. Of Unsound Mind by METAL CHRUCH
  12. State Of Mind by MORDRED
  13. Nice Dreams by POWERMAD
  14. Passion by DIRTY BLONDE
  15. Lonely by CHERRI ROKKETT
Band Members
Additional Info
Year Of Release: 1989
Label: Foundation Forum
Produced by: Various
Format: 2-CD set