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Various Artists - Foundations Forum '93
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3 CD promotional only featuring MERCYFUL FATE.
Track Listing
    CD 1
  1. The Craze (live) by SHOOTZ GROOVE
  3. Wicked Thing by THE BIG F
  4. Grey World by SOULS AT ZERO
  5. Snap Your Fingers by PRONG
  6. Is That You Melissa by MERCYFUL FATE
  7. Rock & Roll Fever by DAVID LA DUKE
  8. Hallowed By Thy Name by IRON MAIDEN
  9. The War Has Begun by SCHNITT ACHT
  10. Ranch On Mars by GALACTIC COWBOYS
  11. 2000 Rock & Roll by SPIDERS & SNAKES
  12. Silence Man by NASTY LICKS
  13. Stay by BULLZAI
  14. Hit And Run by IVORY TOWER
  15. Hammerdown by COLD ETHYL

    CD 2
  1. Kool World by THE SCREAM
  2. News To Me by FLOTSAM & JETSAM
  3. Whatch Ya Do With Me by HAZE & SHUFFLE
  4. Spinning Wheel by LOVE/HATE
  5. True Belief by PARADISE LOST
  6. I Dismember You by LONN FRIEND & DAVE "SNAKE" SABO
  7. Demon Cleaner by KYUSS
  8. Time For A Killing by ANGELS IN EXILE
  9. Losing A Thousand Days by CLOCKHAMMER
  10. Locked by MUTHA'S DAY OUT
  11. Time And Again by IKKI CRANE
  12. Taste Me by MARY SUICIDE
  13. Float by MUZZA CHUNKA

    CD 3
  1. Grind by STICK
  2. Powertrippin' by THE ALMIGHTY
  3. Not Quite Sonic by I MOTHER EARTH
  4. Black Queen by SUGAR TOOTH
  5. Greasebox by TAD
  6. Minor Happiness by WHITE TRASH
  7. Crying Souls For The Damned by DOGMA
  8. Crime Pays by VERTICAL AFTER
  9. Lost And Found by SOULGRIND
  10. To Your Knees by SCHOOL BOY CRUSH
  11. Desperately Delirious by UNTAYMD
  12. No Man's Land by DOUBLE ACTION
Band Members
Additional Info
Year Of Release: 1993
Label: Foundation Forum
Produced by: Various
Format: 3-CD set