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Various Artists - Deeper Into The Vault
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Compilation album with a MERCYFUL FATE track
Track Listing
  1. Burnt Offerings (demo) by TESTAMENT
  2. Acid Queen by VENOM
  3. Black Funeral by MERCYFUL FATE
  4. Across The River / Howling Furies (live) by ANTHRAX
  5. Metal Rap by LONE RAGER
  6. Blitzkrieg by BLITZKRIEG
  7. Sonic Reducer by OVERKILL
  8. Victims by T.T QUICK
  9. Take It Away (live) by RAVEN
  10. Ram It Up by S.O.D.
  11. Is This Life by THE BEAST
  12. The Shape by THE BEAST
  13. If The Shoe Fits by M.O.D.
  14. Death Revenge by EXCITER
Band Members
Additional Info
Year Of Release: 1991
Label: Music For Nations
Produced by: Various
Format: CD.Album