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Various Artists - Metallic Storm
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Compilation album featuring MERCYFUL FATE.
Track Listing
  1. Black Funeral by MERCYFUL FATE
  2. You Won't Live Forever by TANTRUM
  3. That's The Way I Want It  by SCIMITAR
  4. The Fool  by TAROT SUTRA
  5. Gods And Devils  by MEAN MACHINE
  6. Secrets by CONFESSOR
  7. Don't Go  by JURY
  8. Hellride  by WELLS FARGO
  9. Not The Time  by MERCINARY
  10. Super Rocker  by WIKKYD VIKKER
  11. Breakout  by PENTAPUS
  12. USA Lights  by DETROIT
  13. Can't Have My Body Tonight  by MOBY DICK
Band Members
Additional Info
Year Of Release: 1982
Label: Ebony Records
Produced by: Darryl Johnston
Format: Vinyl Album