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Various Artists - Union 2
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PANGEA are featured on this compilation.
Track Listing
  1. The Pain by BOB CATLEY
  2. No Saviours by EMERALD RAIN
  3. Sea Of Desire by SHOTGUN SYMPHONY
  4. I Will Be Waiting by HUGO
  5. Falling by VINNY BURNS
  6. Walk With You by PHOENIX DOWN
  7. Untill The End Of Time by MILLENIUM
  8. The Truth,The Life by JOHN ELEFANTE
  9. Bombs Away by JAMIE KYLE
  10. Don't Keep Me Waiting by STUART SMITH
  11. Eye To Eye by TERRA NOVA
  12. Kiss & Kill Me by THE PROMISE
  13. Touch Of Love by JOHNNY LIMA
  14. Firing My Heart by DANTE FOX
  15. Time Runs Out by PANGEA
Band Members
Additional Info
Year Of Release: 1999
Label: Frontiers
Produced by: Various
Format: CD-Album