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Various Artists - Musically Correct volume 1
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Compilation album featuring PUSH
Track Listing
  1. Breaking The Silence by JEKYLL & HYDE
  2. Gods Gift To Women by AMAZE ME
  3. Without Love by SNAKES IN PARADISE
  4. Two Young Hearts by SAVANNAH
  5. Remember When by HUMAN RACE
  6. Thy Will Be Done by EYEBALL
  7. There For You by RAINMAKER
  8. Never Again by PUSH
  9. Loosin My Religion by NORGREN LEVEN PROJECT
  10. Best Of Me by JEKYLL & HYDE
  11. Red White Black And Blue ' 98 by MONTANA SCREAMS
  12. Wonderland by AMAZE ME
  13. Hold On by PICTURE PERFECT
  14. Voice Inside by SNAKES IN PARADISE
  15. My Days Are Counted by LIFELINE
  16. Whispering Shadows by SCUDIERO
Band Members
Additional Info
Year Of Release: 1998
Label: Z Records
Produced by: Various
Format: CD-Album