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Various Artists - Union 3
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Compilation album featuring PRIME TIME
Track Listing
    CD 1
  1. Rivers Of Destiny by TWO FIRES
  2. Hardest Part Of Love by MELODICA
  3. Desperate Heart (live) by EMERALD RAIN
  4. Holding On by LOST WEEKEND
  5. Life Goes On by JEFF WATSON
  6. Cover Of Night by GOOD RATS
  7. I Fight by FAIR WARNING
  8. Wrong Side Of Town by STREET LEGAL
  9. Heaven In Your Arms by NORWAY
  10. Anyone In Love by HUGO
  11. First Day Of Love by JIMI JAMISON'S SURVIVOR
  12. The Stream by JOHN ELEFANTE
  13. Believe In Me by SHOTGUN SYMPHONY
  14. The Light by BOB CATLEY
  15. Reckless by PHOENIX DOWN

    CD 2
  1. The Stranger by TEN
  2. Starfire by JORN
  3. Keys To The City by THE V.U.
  4. Can You Believe by HEAVEN'S FIRE
  5. Spun In Lost Wages by VOODOO HILL
  6. Chasing Time by MILLENIUM
  7. Aryon by THE SIGN
  8. Romeo by TEER
  9. Paradise by TALON
  10. Politician by HEAVEN AND EARTH
  11. Anything Goes by KELLY KEAGY
  12. Don't Turn Away bu DAVID GLEN EISLEY
  13. Your Man Again by TERRY BROCK
  14. Missy by SEVENTH KEY
  15. Hanging On by PRIME TIME
  16. I Surrender by MILLENIUM
Band Members
Additional Info
Year Of Release: 2000
Label: Frontiers
Produced by: Various
Format: 2 CD-Album