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Various Artists - Stahlmaster 2
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Compilation including MERCYFUL FATE
Track Listing
      CD 1 :
1. Bydtlo by MEKONG DELTA
  2. Who's My God by ENOLA GAY
  3. Cults Of Shadow by THERION
  4. Under The Spell by MERCYFUL FATE
  5. Condemnation by DREADFUL SHADOWS
  6. Moving Beyond by DIE KRUPPS
  7. What Is The Last Time by FORBIDDEN
  8. Moonshield by IN FLAMES
  9. Me And Myself by ACCURACY
10. All Swept Away by MY DYING BRIDE
11. Electric Scum by DEPRESSIVE AGE
12. My Girlfriend's Girlfriend by TYPE O NEGATIVE

      CD 2 :
1. Death Of Me by GLENN HUGHES
  2. Twisted by CENTERS
  3. William Wallace by GRAVE DIGGER
  4. Higher Than The Sky by RAGE
  5. Nothing Left by WARDOG
  6. Double Monday by DIO
  7. Electric Love by N.O.W.
  8. On The Edge by HEAVENS GATE
  9. Overnight Sensation by MOTORHEAD
10. You And I by AXEL RUDI PELL
11. Carry On Wayward Son by YNGWIE MALMSTEEN
12. Master Of Masquerade by MORGANA LEFAY

Band Members
Additional Info
Year Of Release: 1997
Label: Cream Records / Rough Trade
Produced by: Various
Format: CD-Album