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Various Artists - Zoo Magazine CD Sampler
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Track Listing
  1. Hate To Say I Told You So (special epic version / non album version) by D:A:D
  2. Have You Ever Been This Low by SUEDE
  3. Get Higher by BLACK GRAPE
  4. Filmstar by MULU
  5. Bleed by ECHOBELLY
  6. Dreng Alene Hjemme by NIKOLAJ NØRLUND
  7. Suzanne Live by LEONARD COHEN
  8. Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny by BLOODHOUND GANG
  9. Transistor by 311
  10. Billy Club by JUNKIE XL
  11. (Can't You) Trip Like I Do by CRYSTAL METHOD/FILTER
  12. Little Pink Stars by RADISH
  13. Monkey Gone To Heaven by PIXIES
  14. Shake It by RUBY FRUIT JUNGLE
  15. Volcanic Outbreak by GOON
  16. Behind The Wall Of Sleep by BLACK SABBATH
  17. Bullit Train by JUDAS PRIEST
  18. Accepted Youth by SNUFF CAMERAMEN
  19. The Sound Of Music by PANGEA
Band Members
Additional Info
Year of release: 1997
Produced by: Various
Format: CD-Album