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Various Artists - A Metal Monster Collection
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Featuring a couple of Danish acts on this promotional only release

Track Listing

  1. Hopkins by CATHEDRAL
  2. Bloodshed Of The Holy by EXMORTEM
  3. On Frozen Fields by DISMEMBER
  4. Dogtown by GERONIMO
  5. Forced March by EARTH CRISIS
  6. Ancient King by UNVEILED
  7. Soelen Gaar Bag Aase Need by ULVER
  8. Coffin On Coffin by NEMBRIONIC
  9. Hate by RASPUTINS
  10. Encysted And Dormani by INIQUITY
  11. Suffer In Truth by MESHUGGAH
  12. Reborn Through The Gates Of Three Moons by ABIGOR
  13. Catch 22 by DISMAY
  14. Chaos Within by FURIOUS TRAUMA
  15. Gigandhi by GIGANDHI
Band Members
Additional Info
Year of release: 1995
Label: Pingo
Produced by: Various
Format: CD-Album