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Various Artists - Hard Roxx Taster volume 2
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Featuring a couple of Danish acts on this magazine only release

Track Listing

  1. Bighter You Burn by THE DISTANCE
  2. If I Live Tomorrow by MIKE TRAMP
  3. Blame It On The Night by BLACKSTONE
  4. Somebody's Hero by DAKOTA
  5. Tearing Down The World by ROYAL HUNT
  6. Lost In Time by ARCARA
  7. Streets Of Shame by FREEFALL
  8. Angry Tree by Life Of Agony
  9. Helium by SKYCLAD
  10. I Love The Feeling by DON WOLF
  11. Monster by FROST BITE
  12. No Future by STRAY
  13. Bring It On by LEADFOOT
  14. Outta Control by FILTHY LUCRE
  15. Innocence by GTS
  16. Shout by ATROCITY
  17. Kali Tere Goth by LEO
Band Members
Additional Info
Year of release: 1997
Label: Hard Roxx Magazine
Produced by: Various
Format: CD-Album