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Various Artists - The Best Of Old-School Black Metal
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Track Listing
 1.   Winds Of The Black Godz by BLASPHMY
 2.   Satanic Lust by SARCOFAGO
 3.   Dawn Of Megiddo by CELTIC FROST
 4.   Sluts Of Hell by NATTEFROST
 5.   Evil by MERCYFUL FATE
6.   Command Til War by SODOM
 7.   Elisabeth Bathory by TORMENTOR
 8.   Blood Unity by AURA NOIR
 9.   Curse The Gods by DESTRUCTION
10.  Into The Pentagram by SAMAEL
11.  Whiskey Time by BULLDOZER
12.  The Freezing Moon by MAYHEM
13.  The Third Of The Storm by HELLHAMMER
14.  Ea, Lord Of The Deeps by BURZUM
15.  Warhead by VENOM
16.  Dies Irea by BATHORY
Band Members
Additional Info
Year of release: 2004
Label: Peaceville
Produced by: Various
Format: CD-Album