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Various Artists - Sweden Rock Magazine CD volume 2
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Featuring a couple of Danish acts on this magazine only release

Track Listing

  1. Sanity Soiled by PERSUADER
  2. Know You're Lying by ABRAMIS BRAMA
  4. A Problem Yet To Be Solved by ANATA
  5. Man Machine by G.S.O.
  6. Black Wing Rider by WOLF
  7. Love Child by BALTIMOORE
  8. Inspiration by NEGATIVE
  9. Hell On Earth by FORCE OF EVIL
  10. Reign Of Chaos by APOSTASY
  11. Typhoons Decide by RITUAL
  12. Tears by SYMPHORCE
  13. Metal Is Forever by PRIMAL FEAR
  14. Coffin Fornicator by DEATHWISH
  15. Sabotage by DESTINY
  16. Break The Emotions by THUNDERSTONE
  17. The Guide by KEEHOLE
  18. Whisper by ORION RIDERS
Band Members
Additional Info
Year of release: 2003
Label: Sweden Rock Magazine
Produced by: Various
Format: CD-Album