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Various Artists - Welcome To The Metal Zone
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Track Listing
  1. Crazy Motorcycle by ROGUE MALE
  2. I Am The Beast by EXCITER
  3. Nightmare by MERCYFUL FATE
  4. Pull The Trigger by Q5
  5. I Love Sex by WENDY O WILLIAMS
  6. The War Drags Ever On by TANK
  7. The Skull Beneath The Skin by MEGADETH
  8. Run Out Of Town by TKO
  9. The Price You Pay by WAYSTED
  10. Chopper Attack by BATTLEAXE
  11. The Dungeons Are Calling by SAVATAGE
  12. Crazy Nights by LOUDNESS
  13. And Then There Were None by EXODUS
  14. Radio Magic by EARTHSHAKER
  15. Run With The Pack by ALASKA
  16. Let Them Eat Metal by THE RODS
  17. Wild In The Streets by JACK STARR
Band Members
Additional Info
Year of release: 1985
Label: Music For Nation
Produced by: Various
Format: 2 LP Vinyl-Album