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Various Artists - Rock The Nations 2 - The Sequel
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Compilation featuring PUSH and ACES HIGH.
Track Listing
    CD 1
  1. Turn Away by HUMANIAL
  2. Face by DOUGH ALDRICH
  3. The Seventh Day by VON GROOVE
  4. Unchained by SILENT RAGE
  5. Fire by SONS OF ANGELS
  6. Cherie Don't Break My Heart Again by BURNING RAIN
  7. Gotta Get Up by 21 GUNS
  8. You And Me by NARO
  9. Only The Strong Survive by DANNY DANZI
  10. Lost And lonely by CONTAGIOUS
  11. So Tried by ARABIA
  12. Time by AMAZE ME
  13. Keep The Faith by TONY MILLS
  14. Fearless by VAUGHN
  15. Detonator by TYGERS OF PAN TANG
  16. I Believe by JOHN BLAZE
  17. Too Late For Tears by SEVEN WISHES
  18. CD 2
  19. Last To Know by M2
  20. Skydiving by SHY
  21. Rebel With A Cause by SILENT RAGE
  22. Can't Stop Missing You by MICHAEL BORMANN
  23. Lucky Man by PUSH
  24. Killing Time by ACES HIGH
  25. Brand New Start by PONTUS NORGREN
  26. No Soul by 21 GUNS
  27. The Truth by ECLIPSE
  28. Illusions by WESTWORLD
  29. Forgive And Forget by FRICTION
  30. Fortune Teller by DAMNED NATION
  31. Bulletproof by 24K
  32. Lies by EDDIE CAMPBELL
  33. When The World Comes Down by DOGPOUND
  34. Father Of Your Sins by RAINMAKER
  35. The Law by LIDDELL, RUSH & THRALL
  36. Breaking The Silence by JEKYLL & HYDE

Band Members
Additional Info
Year of release: 2002
Label: Z Records
Produced by: various
Format: 2-CD Album