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Various Artists - Metalmeister
Compilation featuring MERCYFUL FATE
Track Listing
  1. Mummified In Barbed Wire by CANNIBAL CORPSE
  2. Psychotic Companion by GALACTIC COWBOYS
  3. Blue Suit, Brown Shirt by SACRED REICH
  4. Into The Unknown by MERCYFUL FATE
  5. Meat Sandwich by GWAR
  6. The Enemy Inside by SIX FEET UNDER
  7. She Said by SKREW
  8. Scorched Earth by WARDOG
  9. Here In After by IMMOLATION
  10. Wretched by CRISIS
  11. Before Today, Beyond Tomorrow by DESULTORY
  12. The Curse by ANCIENT
  13. Kill Yourself For Business by UNITED
  14. Fall-Dark Waters by DECORYAH
  15. Creepy Feelings by ARMORED SAINT
Band Members
Additional Info
Year of release: 1996
Label: Metal Blade Records
Produced by : Brian Slagel
Format: CD-Album