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Various Artists - Diehard '96 Catalogue Up-Date
Track Listing
  1. Bloodred by GROPE
  2. God by BLACK
  3. Life Eraser by KONKHRA
  4. So Bold So Cold by CAPTOR
  5. Soul Damnation by DOMINUS
  6. Father Of Lies by CYBORG
  7. Prove It Punkgrinder by SPITINK DEVILS
  8. Strong by TREND
  9. What's Up by MOLEST
  10. Hell Ahead For Rock & Roll by BARCODE
  11. Gate Of Hell by SOLID
  12. Shater by LIAR
  13. Serenadium by INIQUITY
  14. Sorrow Of The Burning Wasteland by CENTINEX
  15. One Black Autumn by SARCOPHAGUS
  16. Stealing Strenth From The Ivory Boar by DETERIORATE
  17. Gone by OPPRESSOR
  18. Uncontrollable by INFERNAL TORMENT
  19. Goats Revenge by GOAT
Band Members
Additional Info
Year of release: 1996
Label: DieHard Records
Produced by : Various
Format: CD-Album