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Various Artists - There's Something Rocking In The State Of Denmark
Compilation featuring Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Savage Affair, Nikolaj Steen, =Y=, Skagarack, Pretty Maids, Pixie Killers
Track Listing
    CD 1
  1. Waterline by DIZZY MIZZ LIZZY
  2. Lie To Me by SAVAGE AFFAIR
  3. You're Mine by NIKOLAJ STEEN
  4. The Cat by =Y=
  5. It's Never Too Late by SKAGARACK
  6. It Ain't Gonna Change by PRETTY MAIDS
  7. Make It In The Woods by THE UNDERDOGS
  8. That's Life by INSIDE THE WHALE
  9. Glitter Angels by GRABOWSKY
  10. It Goes Round by TOMORROW
  11. Never Never No by FLYING FISH
  12. Trængt Op I En Krog by EFFY AND ELLITEN
  13. Ghetto Party by MALURT
  14. Torture by LINK WRAY
  15. Man On The Mountain by THIRD STONE FROM THE SUN
  16. Rain Keps On Falling by NICE LITTLE PINQUINS
  17. Know What I Mean by RIDIN' THUMB
  18. Don't Leave Me Tonight by THOMAS HELMIG
  19. CD 2
  20. Worth Dying For by BOGHANDLE
  21. You And The Moon by HOW DO I
  22. I Like Cars by TRAINS & BOATS & PLANES
  23. Mystics II by 18th DYE
  24. Let Your Fingers Do The Walking by SORT SOL
  25. Good Day Sunday Sunshine II by WALK THE WALK
  26. Suicide by DOUBT
  27. Naughty One by LOB OF LEMMINGS
  28. I Recall Evil by PIXIE KILLERS
  29. Technology Is God by MAX M
  30. Upstairs by SLOPPY WENCHBODY
  33. Fell Like Dancin' by SOUND OF SEDUCTION
  34. Cool Corona by NICE DEVICE
  35. Deep Under Cover by AL AGAMI
  36. Action Jackson 2 by BOTTOMS UP
  37. Pas På Pengene by DAN TURELL / HALDAN E

Band Members
Additional Info
Year of release: 1994
Label: Rosa
Produced by: various
Format: 2-CD Album