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Various Artists - Euro Metal - The Vinyl Years vol 01
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Bootleg compilation
Track Listing
1.    Sharon by CRYSTAL PRIDE
2.    Song For Jeanne d'Arch by CRYSTAL PRIDE
3.    Silver Hawk by CRYSTAL PRIDE
4.    Screaming From The Grave by GRAVE
5.    Dreamer by GRAVE
6.    Loser by HIGHBROW
7.    Rock On by HIGHBROW
8.    Warrior by KIM SIXX
9.    Bang Your Head by KIM SIXX
10.  Shadows Are Falling by RANDY
11.  The Beast by RANDY
12.  Man Of No Present Existance by SILVER MOUNTAIN
13.  Axeman And The Virgin by SILVER MOUNTAIN
14.  No Angel by WITCH CROSS
15.  Are You There by WITCH CROSS
16.  Win Or Die by ZONE ZERO
17.  Evil Dream by ZONE ZERO
Band Members
Additional Info
Year Of Release: 2004
Label: N/A
Produced by: V/A
Format: CD-Album