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Various Artists - Metalized Pounding Power volume 5
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Track Listing
  1. Stand Alone by ICED EARTH
  2. The Rats Keep Runnin' by HOLY MOTHER
  3. Ashes Of An Illusion by SCARIOT
  4. To Be Immortal by DESTINY'S END
  5. Beast Of Man by ARCH ENEMY
  6. Symbiotic by MERCENARY
  7. Dressed In Fear by LIPID
  8. Laid To Waste by BOLT THROWER
  9. Corpus Hermeticum by DAEMONARCH
  10. Deadlights by GEHENNA
  11. King With The Axe by WHIPLASH
  12. Prolong The Agony by PROFANE
  13. We Are Family by SUICIDAL TENDENCIES
  14. Flicker by BELOW POINT ZERO
  15. Pushed Me by GAIL OF GOD
  16. Days Of Prayer by SOLITUDE AETURNUS
  17. Worlds by SHANE
Band Members
Additional Info
Year of release: 1998
Label: Metalized
Produced by: Various
Format: CD-Album