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3 CD gatefold set featuring PRETTY MAIDS
Track Listing
    CD 1
  1. I'm Verkehr by J.B.O.
  2. Down 'n' Dirty by POWERAGE
  3. I Can See by VANDEN PLAS
  4. Looks That Kill by PINK CREAM 69
  5. Crackin' The Wall by BAD AREA
  7. Scent Of My Prey by PRETTY MAIDS
  8. Memory by CREMATORY
  9. Chainbreaker by PRIMAL FEAR
  10. A Tribute To The Past by TREASURE SEEKER
  11. Dream Of Doom by METALIUM
  12. Hill Of Secret by CINCHILLA
  13. Take Me To The Spirit by IVANHOE
  14. Lost by CENTURY
  15. Purify With Fire by SCAPEGOAT
  16. The Only One by VANISHING POINT
  17. Kein Schwanz Ist So Hart Wie Das Leben by TOM ANGELRIPPER

    CD 2
  1. Paralized by LAOS
  2. Survival by SHYBOY
  3. Egal by MACHTGEIL
  4. Synchronicity by MEGACE
  5. Smash My Picture by JAIL
  6. Söhne Der Wüste by ICEKALT
  7. 7 Years 7 Stones by SCARLET ROSE
  8. Call It Desparation by SHEELA
  9. Selling The Wind by JEZEBEL'S TOWER
  10. Keine Zeit by DIE CHEFS
  11. Bumba by STAHL
  12. Bigger by DEAD ANYWAY
  13. Der Goldene Ring by GELBSUCHT
  14. Chain by BAPOW HATZ!
  15. Ca Plane Pour Moi by OVERDOZE KIDS
  16. Would You by DIABLO
  17. Hier Kommt Der Nietenpapst by DER NIETENPAPST
  18. Hast Du Was, Bist Du Was by WAAN

    CD 3
  1. Stranger In My Hometown by PLAYGROUND
  2. Fire by LAVA
  3. Rich Man's World by CHARISMA
  4. You Lie by SLAP BANG WEEZLE
  5. Holy by CHARLOT LUCA
  6. Six Beers And Rocksteady Music by THE BUSTERS
  7. Heideröslein by BERND HUBER
  8. Only Love by NOKOKO YE
  9. The Martyr by WALKER
  10. Say What U Want by JOHN HAYES
  11. Love, Hate Or Friendship by SHYBOY
  12. Engine Breakdown by THE ROXY FLAMES
  13. That Kinda Girl by STATEMENT
  14. Nur Kein Stress by THE MANNHEIM UROBAND
  15. 3 In 1 by PREEN
  16. Ohmmm by BATS IN THE HEAD
  17. Deep Inside My Hard by SEDUCE
  18. Declaration by ACROSS THE BORDER
  19. Wenn Ein Träumer Stirbt by TOM & RUBEN
Band Members
Additional Info
Year Of Release: 1999
Label: Goodlife Records
Produced by: Various
Format: 3-CD set