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Various Artists - Brutal Youth
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Track Listing
  1. A Deathwork Orange by ILLDISPOSED
  2. Depersonali-et-eller-andet by ILLDISPOSED
  3. Deathbreed by DETEST
  4. Rebound by DETEST
  5. Prophecy Of The Dying Watcher by INIQUITY
  6. Mockery Retained To Obturate by INIQUITY
  7. Master Of Disaster by PHYSICAL ATTRACTION
  8. People With Power by PHYSICAL ATTRACTION
  10. Rancid Operation by REVOLTING PHIMOSIS
  11. My Television by COITUS INTERRUPTUS
  12. Preserved Abuse by COITUS INTERRUPTUS
  13. Are They by NATIONS OF DEATH
  14. Hunter by NATIONS OF DEATH
  15. Silent Woods by SATURNUS
  16. Raven God by SATURNUS
  17. Lytteleg For Anal-fabetter by ILL-TERVIEW-DISPOSED
Band Members
Additional Info
Year Of Release: 1995
Label: Progress Records
Produced by: Various
Format: CD-Album