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Various Artists - Rock Hard Dynamit 03.07 / 54
Cardboard Promo
Track Listing
  1. Keeps Me Burning by MASTERPLAN
  2. No Talk Without The Giant by MACHINE MEN
  3. Mad Butcher by DESTRUCTION
  4. The Darkest Road by NAGLFAR
  5. Nothin' To Lose by REBEL MEETS REBEL
  6. Divided by DELIGHT
  7. The Dead Live By Love by MENDED
  8. Killing Peace by ONSLAUGHT
  9. When Silence Is Broken by DISBELIEF
  10. Walk The Earth (edit) by SILENT FORCE
  11. The Other Side by SIRENIA
  12. Children Of Lies by ALMAH
  13. The Messenger by DOMINE
  14. Running Out Of Things To Say by MC QUEEN
  15. Pieta by ILLNATH
Band Members
Additional Info
Year of release: 2007
Label: Rock Hard
Produced by: Various
Format: CD-Album