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Various Artists - Rock Hard Dynamit Vol. 17
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Track Listing
  2. Proud Of Cure by METAL CHURCH
  3. Nothin' Left by MACHINE HEAD
  4. Guardian Angel by SOULMOTOR
  5. Frontline by PAINFLOW
  6. Deserted by GARDENIAN
  7. Freasting On The Blond Of The Insane by SIX FEET UNDER
  8. Over&Over&Over by 7ZUMA7
  9. Erase The Slate by DOKKEN
  10. The Imortal by ARCH ENEMY
  11. Freecard by DARK TRANQUILLITY
  12. Final Embrace by PRIMAL FEAR
  13. Convicted by DARKANE
  14. Metalium by METALIUM
  15. Beware The Heavens by SINERGY
  16. Browsing by ENOLA GAY
  17. Kiss The Demon by MERCYFUL FATE
  18. No Miracles by THE BRONX CASKET CO.
Band Members
Additional Info
Year of release: 1999
Label: Rock Hard
Produced by: Various
Format: CD-Album