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Various Artists - Rock Hard Dynamit Vol. 19
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Track Listing
  1. Holy by UDO
  2. I Can See by VANDEN PLAS
  3. Belly Of The Beast by DANZIG
  4. After Life In Purgatory by LOCK UP
  5. Rock Bottom by THUNDER
  6. The Chemical Wedding by BRUCE DICKINSON
  7. Dead Human Collection by CANIBAL CORPSE
  8. Sear Me III by MY DYING BRIDE
  9. Nice Boys by ANDY BOY
  10. Thunderstorm by DOMINE
  11. Deuce by OVERKILL
  12. Tongue Of Thorns by AGATHODAIMON
  13. Dream Child by ZONATA
  14. China Town by SPEEED
  15. Cold City Nights by ROYAL HUNT
  16. The Iron And The Maiden by DEFLESHED
  17. Metal Forever by PEGAZUS
  18. Marionette by SCHEITAN
  19. Expect The Unexpected by CONTROL DENIED
Band Members
Additional Info
Year of release: 1999
Label: Rock Hard
Produced by: Various
Format: CD-Album