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Evil Masquerade

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Evil Masquerade has a rather unusual story of formation. It all started with more and more frequent nightmares in the sleeping hours of songwriter and guitarist Henrik Flyman (ex Moahni Moahna, Zool). After some time, music and strange symphonies started to occur. But something was missing. One late night at a reputed blues club in Copenhagen/Denmark everything fell into place. On stage was original Royal Hunt vocalist Henrik Brockmann jamming the night away with a local bluesband. He was the missing link! After some jamming and drinking they ended up in Flyman´s studio. The next morning several tracks were recorded and it was obvious they were on to something great and the magic was there. The natural thing to do now was to find the best musicians around and record an entire album. The absolutely brilliant drummer Dennis Buhl (Sinphonia) and young talented bass player Kasper Gram were presented to the music and were happy to join forces right away. On top of that - 3 of the greatest keyboard players in the world wanted to be part of the debut album as special guests when they heard the music. Mats Olausson (Yngwie Malmsteen), André Andersen (Royal Hunt) and Richard Andersson (Majestic, Time Requiem, Space Odyssey). The recordings went great and the mix were done by Steen Mogensen (Royal Hunt/Cornerstone) who put all his heart and soul in it. The outcome is just great and will for sure make a clear mark in the history of hard rock. The four members have now this band as their main priority and they will surely be seen, heard and remembered all over the world.

Evil Masquerade is unique and the music is best described as "Theatrical Metal".

  Welcome To The Show
CD Album - Italy, 2004
  Welcome To The Show + 1 bonus
CD Album - Japan, 2004
  Thetrical Madness
CD Album - Italy, 2005