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Force Of Evil

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FORCE OF EVIL is a 5-piece Heavy Metal band formed by legendary twin guitars of MERCYFUL FATE: MICHAEL DENNER and HANK SHERMANN. They have joined forces with: HAL PATINO, BJARNE T. HOLM, and MARTIN STEENE.
All known for their performance with KING DIAMOND, MERCYFUL FATE and IRONFIRE.
The bands style of music is classic metal, which encompasses raw riffing, piercing guitar solos, climax and emotion all topped with sinister and screaming vocals. All of which is delivered explosively on stage.
HISTORY Denner and Shermann are the original twin guitars from these Classic Mercyful Fate recordings: "MF minialbum", "Melissa", "Don't Break The Oath", "In the Shadows", "Time", and "Into the Unknown". And have been playing 400+ concerts all over the world with MF. Hal Patino has been recording with King Diamond band on "Them", "Conspiracy", "The Eye", and "Abigail II". Toured heavily as well. Bjarne T. Holm joined Mercyful Fate in 1995 and has been recording with the band since then. Several US, South American and European Tours. Martin Steene is the main man in the band IRONFIRE. They have released two albums: "Thunderstorm" and "On the Edge", and has a big following in Europe.FORCE OF EVIL was formed in September 2002. They soon started recording on their first album on March 24th 2003 and the CD will be released on June 13th 2003. The same day the band is playing their first worldwide performance in Cleveland, Ohio.
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CD-Album - Denmark, 2003