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Panzerchrist was formed in 93´94 when Michael Enevoldsen left Illdisposed. Panzerchrist recorded a demo and was signed by Serious entertainment. “Six second kill” was released by Serious Entertainment in 1996 to much applause from the death metal audience.
In 1998 “Outpost fort Europa” was released and Panzerchrist gained an even wider following. In 2000 Panzerchrist was joined by drummer Reno Kiilerich (ex. Exmortem, Vile etc.) and Bo Summer (also of Danish Death metal act Illdisposed) to record the notorious “Soul Collector”. “Soul Collector” caused quite a stir in the Death Metal scene because of its WW II theme and German lyrics. The album was very well received in the Death metal scene and set new terms for the band in terms of speed and brutality. “Soul Collector” was released by Mighty Music in 2000.
In 2002 the band was joined by Frederik O’Carroll and Rasmus Henriksen to begin work on the ultra violent “Room Service”. “Room Service” featured compositions even more brutal and fast than its predecessor including a much acclaimed coverversion of the Metal Church classic “Metal Church”. “Room Service” was recorded at Tue Madsens “Antfarm studios” (The Haunted, Illdisposed, Mnemic etc.) and was released by Mighty Music in 2003. In 2005 Panzerchrist Drummer Kiilerich was replaced by Michael Pedersen (ex. Exmortem) and keyboard player Dea Lillelund (also of Fairytale Abuse).
  Rockdoc - 80s Rock wikipedia Demo '95
Cassette Tape - Denmark, 1995
  Rockdoc - 80s Rock wikipedia Six Secondskill
CD-Album - Denmark, 1996
  Rockdoc - 80s Rock wikipedia Outpost Fort Europa
CD-Album - Denmark, 1999
  Rockdoc - 80s Rock wikipedia Soul Collector
CD-Album - Denmark, 2001
  Rockdoc - 80s Rock wikipedia Room Service
CD-Album - Denmark, 2003