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Various Artists - More Power Ballads
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Compilation album featuring D:A:D.
Track Listing
  1. Send Me An Angel by SCORPIONS
  2. Home Sweet Home ('91 remix) by MOTLEY CRUE
  3. I'll See You In My Dreams by GIANT
  4. To Be With You by MR. BIG
  5. Miles Away by WINGER
  6. I'll Cry For You by EUROPE
  7. Wasted Time by SKID ROW
  8. Laugh 'n' a by D:A:D
  9. When I'm Gone by MSG
  10. Lover Of Mine by ALANNAH MYLE
  11. Bye Bye Johnny by RETURN
  12. Mama I'm Coming Home by OZZY OSBOURNE
  13. I Still Think Of You by DANGER DANGER
  14. Parisienne Walkwalks (live) by GARY MOORE
  15. Stairway To Heaven by LED ZEPPELIN
Band Members
Additional Info
Year Of Release: 1992
Label: Eva Records
Produced by: Various
Format: CD-Album