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Mindlock is a Danish thrash-metal band, that has been around since 94.Bo, Peter and Renad a jam-band, but eventually they decided to make their own music.Having listened to the late 80s thrash-metal and early 90s death metal, this was a natural direction for them, so they started the band as Insomnia.Some songs were made, and a couple of gigs came around.In need of a bassplayer, they started looking in their local area, and got hold of one of their homies Lars, who also played in such ferocious acts as Terror and St�oise).Later that year the name was changed to Mindlock, and a homemade demo, saw the light of day.In 95 Rolf joined as vocalist, and the demo Thoughts was released,and was followed by some live activity.In late 95 Bo joined a death metal band called The Chaos Engine as vocalist. They played a single gig, and then split up.Lars entered the technical death band, Virus, for a while, and also another fulltime band, Biogenetic Disorder.Peter and Ren�e-started the old jam-band, and Bo was headhunted to abuse the bass.This project culminated in a new years eve-gig at Club Ritz in Helsingør K1997 was kind of an off-year. Not too much creativity, and at the end of the year Rolf (v) decided to part ways with the band, due to health problems. Also Ren�g) left.The first half of ´98 was a temporary break for the band, but when they got back together,things start happening. The three members, Bo (g,v), Lars (b), Peter (d), continued on their own, and got some pretty good songs going, and at this point all members were in it 100 and not playing in other bands.Two of the songs, The four walls and Voice within were recorded by the band themselves,and printed on a couple of cd's and then send to some Danish metal labels.This got them in touch with Jacob Hansen (Invocator) from Serious Entertainment, who offered the band to participate on the new compilation, Extremity Rising vol. 4.However, the sound on the demo, wasnt exactly ok, so the band rushed to theSoundZone studio, Copenhagen, and recorded Exposed, for the compilation,that hit the streets late 99.In January 2000, the recordings for the Soulfracture ep took place, once again in the Soundzone studio,with Lars Schmidt (Furious Trauma, Konkhra) as producer, and help from great friends and hard work, it was to be released August 2000.Due to a lot of circumstances it got delayed, but finally it was out on 4-8-2000.The ep contains 5 quality thrashmetal tracks, inspired by Meshuggah, Slayer, Machine Head, Pantera, Sepultura and who knows what else. The music combined with the fat and crunchy sound, is really not worth missing. The cover artwork is made by a Danish artist, called Morten Ussing.The first half of 2001 was a creative period and Mindlock now have 9 new tracks ready, and 3 of those has been recorded in September 2001 for a new demo.During spring 2001 Mindlock has been trying to find a vocalist, but none has been found. A few came around and tried it out, but the band is still looking out and are hoping to find one soon.Soulfracture has been well received, and got some ok reviews around the world. Also, the Swedish label, Black Mark showed interest in Mindlock, but to the bands frustration, the Swedes were not been to kind to answer their mail, and therefore no results were obtained. Mindlock of course carried on, and distributed a new demo, in fall of 2001. It contains 3 tracks; Shattered dreams, True face and Dont you care?.In March 2002 Mindlock signed a deal with Jet Speed Records Group inc.Summer 2002: Mindlock began recording of "Blind Eye Visions" at SoundZone Studio, once again with Lars Schmidt as producer. 10 tracks were recorded for an upcoming release through Jet Speed Records. But Jet Speed Records never really did anything,but ignoring Mindlock, and after 6 months of calling, mailing and empty promises, Mindlock finally had enough, and left the label.In late 2002, Mindlock finally found a lead singer. John Bliesmann (exTumor) came down for a couple of sessions, and then instantly joined the band full-time. The new four-piece then decided to re-record the vocals for the album in late 2003. A new 4 track promo is currently being shopped around to get the album released.
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Demo - Denmark, 1995
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CD-EP - Denmark, 2000
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CD-EP - Denmark, 2003
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CD-EP - Denmark, 2005