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Nam Dihn

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From Nyborg - Approx. 1 hour from Copenhagen. Nam Dihn was originally Mickey Hurricane (drums), Henning Friis (guitars), Bjarne Andreassen & Bjørn S. Andersen (Nikki Andersen).
Nam Dihn made some solid hardrock songs during their existence in the mid 80's thru late 80's. They were heavily influenced by Black Sabbath, Rainbow, Deep Purple. They played very few events and the story we have come from a representative from the studio and rehearsal community Muzirkus.
Nam Dihn was initially only these 4 members up until 1986 where they were joined by keyboarder Lars Willsen and soon after went to the studio to record a 4 track demo. The studio based in Kværndrup and owned by "Niller" sent the demo to a few producers in Germany and in the UK.
Nam Dihn appeared on national TV with one of their tracks, and later made a recorded TV appearance along with another danish band Skagarack.
The German producer was overjoyed by the tracks, and the UK producers even more, but when it surfaced that the singer Bjørn "Nikki" Andersen couldn't speak or write english (hence write lyrics) he turned them down. The producer told the studio manager that there were problems with certain pronouncements and wanted to discuss this with the singer. He had to talk to other fluently speaking members of the band just to learn what the real problem was.
The UK producer told to the studio manager, that he couldn't work with a singer who didn't even knew what he was singing about or even write lyrics and the deal was off.
A representative from the studio also said, that Bjørn "Nikki" Andersen didn't want to play small venues and the band had some issues with this since they wanted to play every gig they could get.
Bjørn "Nikki" Andersen later joined "Eyes" in Sweden and later renamed the band to "Aces High" they recorded a few albums which gained some popularity locally in Malmö, Sweden.
Lars Willsen went to a few auditions with wellknown Danish metal band "Pretty Maids" in the beginning of the 90's, but due to developing arthritis in his fingers caused by an infection he went back to his job as an international coder.

Mickey Hurricane and Bjarne Andreassen are still active in various bands.